Static Testing to Begin on ETC’s ATFS-400 Model 31 High Performance Human Centrifuge

SOUTHAMPTON, Pa., November 26, 2011— Static testing will soon begin on Environmental Technology Corporation’s (“ETC”) ATFS 400 Model 31 ( The ATFS-400-31 is a high performance human centrifuge that was designed and manufactured by ETC’s Aircrew Training Systems (ATS) business unit. The ATFS-400-31 will be delivered to the United States Air Force next year and will be used to conduct high G training for operational and aeromedical aircrew, research and equipment qualification.
Testing will be performed at the Static and Dynamic Test Facility located at ETC’s manufacturing plant in Southampton, PA, USA. The Test Facility supports state-of-the-art static and dynamic testing on complex, high performance structures. This capability sets ETC apart in the high performance motion platform manufacturing world, allowing ETC to create high bandwidth motion platforms while minimizing system weight.
Static testing helps to assure safety and performance of the device. Critical parts of the ATFS-400-31 to be tested at ETC’s Static and Dynamic Test Facility include the pedestal, bearing, drive shaft, arm, roll frame, gondola and cockpit modules, control algorithms, and software. During the testing, ETC will be simulating the stresses that the device will undergo in various operational environments.
About the ATFS-400-31
The ATFS-400 Model 31, like ETC’s prior ATFS trainers, integrates high fidelity virtual tactical simulation and creates a fully flyable human training and research centrifuge. The ATFS-400-31 is capable of generating up to 20 G’s with a 15 G per second onset and the device comes with great flexibility of three separate cockpit modules:

  • One to support a reclined seat side stick aircraft
  • One to support upright seat, side and center stick aircraft
  • One to support research

The ATFS-400-31 also incorporates wide Field of View Visuals. All cockpits feature HLA connectivity and can be inserted as full mission simulators inside the ATFS-400 or used as standalone trainers outside the ATFS-400.
ETC’s training devices are all the most technologically advanced equipment available and are all manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Standards

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