Simulating environments for training, testing, and research and development.

With products spanning four decades of innovation, ETC is unparalleled in simulating environments for training, testing and research and development for a variety of markets.

Aeromedical Equipment and Training


Equipment and custom training curriculums for the Aeromedical Community.
Automotive Test Chambers

Automotive Testing

Drive In Test Chambers, Conditioned Air Supplies Systems and A/C Test Rooms.
Civil Aviation Training

Advanced Pilot Training

Upset Prevention & Recovery, Spatial Disorientation and Situational Awareness.
Emergency Response Training

Emergency Response

Training solutions for Incident Commanders & Disaster Management Teams.
Environmental Chambers for HVAC

HVAC Manufacturers

Psychrometric and Balanced Test Rooms, Calorimeters and Environmental Chambers.
Life Science Sterilizers

Life Sciences

Sterilizers for processing of feed, bedding, vented water bottles, cages, racks and more.
Hyperbaric Chambers

Hyperbaric Chambers

Monoplace, multiplace and transportable hyperbaric chamber systems for HBOT.
Military Aviation

Military Aviation

Realistic, ground based training simulators for a wide variety of tactical training uses.
Pharmaceutical Sterilizers

Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices

Standard and customized cGMP Sterilizer types, sizes and configurations.
Space Training and Research


Simulated launch/reentry acceleration for training, education and research.

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