ETC Simulation Contracted By U.S. Department of Defense Fire Academy to Expand Their ADMS System

SOUTHAMPTON, PA, October 30, 2012 – Environmental Tectonics Corporation’s (“ETC” or the “Company”) Simulation Division, located in Orlando, FL, has been contracted through Adayana Government Group by the U.S. DoD Fire Academy located at Goodfellow Air Force Base to expand their Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS(TM)). The Adayana Government Group will provide project management and consulting services. This expansion includes the addition of four student training stations, one driver training station and three new custom scenarios.
“ADMS is a high quality, cost effective tool that has greatly benefited our students,” said T.C. Sirmans, DoD Fire Academy Instructor. “Growing our system will only increase its value to the Fire Academy. We are very excited about the expansion and the increased capabilities that come with it.”
The new student training stations will allow more trainees to participate in ADMS exercises and allow more people to train at one time. The driver training station gives the trainees the ability to drive a vehicle in the simulator to the incident scene. The driver training station will be added to the existing incident command station.
New scenarios offer trainees new locations to prepare for and practice response and command operations. The three new scenarios that the DoD Fire Academy will receive include structural fires at a residential location, a trailer park, and a bowling alley. The residential scenario is a fire in a multi-family unit. The trailer park scenario includes a fire in multiple trailer homes. In the bowling alley scenario, there is a fire that requires mass evacuation.
The additional scenarios feature ETC’s Signature Simulation Technology and the new SmartModel(TM) library, which enhances exercise development and creativity by allowing unlimited scenario capabilities. With the SmartModel library, the scenario can have different variables placed in it such as a suspicious backpack or concrete roadblocks. Adding variables gives trainees new challenges and makes the scenario different each time it is used.
“We are very pleased that the DoD Fire Academy is growing their ADMS training system by adding structural fires to the Norma Brown virtual airbase” said Marco van Wijngaarden, President of ETC Simulation. “The aircraft scenarios we developed have been received by the end-users with great enthusiasm and we strive to achieve the same with the new structural incident scenarios. The design will be done in close cooperation with the subject matter experts of the DoD Fire Academy for the best possible realism.”
About ADMS
ADMS(TM) is a high-fidelity Virtual Reality Simulation Training Platform that comprises multiple products including Incident Command training from technical to strategic level (ADMS-Command), emergency response and force protection specific to a military environment (ADMS-Airbase), driver training and vehicle operation (ADMS-ARFF and ADMS-Drive) and multiple level police coordination for crowd management and riot control (ADMS-Control). ETC’s signature True Simulation Technology blends physics-based simulation, embedded artificial intelligence, accurate animations, photo-realistic graphics, ambient sounds, vehicle controls, and motion platforms to totally immerse trainees in the exercise. ADMS enables first responders and emergency managers to prepare at all levels of response in a safe, economical and environmentally-conscious way.

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