ETC begins installation of USAF Authentic Tactical Flight Simulator (ATFS) at WPAFB

Southampton, PA, USA; August 8, 2012 – Environmental Tectonics Corporation (“ETC”) is completing installation of the pedestal and arm for the Authentic Tactical Flight Simulator (ATFS 400 Model 31) being built by ETC for the United States Air Force. The ATFS-400 Model 31 is being installed in the new 711th Human Performance Wing complex at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. The ATFS-400 Model 31 is a high performance human centrifuge that was competitively awarded by USAF to ETC in September, 2009. It was sold by the Aircrew Training Systems (ATS) business unit of ETC. The ATFS-400 Model 31 will be used by the USAF to support aircrew high-G training, acceleration research, and equipment qualification for acquisition and test missions. The ATFS-400 Model 31’s cutting-edge technology will help the USAF investigate, solve and train for critical human factor challenges into the future.
The ATFS-400 Model 31pedestal, which weighs about 80,000 pounds, supports the rotational loads of the system up to a maximum 20 G with a maximum G onset of 15 G/sec. The 31 foot arm houses the gimbal system and cockpit in which USAF fighter pilots and tactical aircrew will undergo high G physiology training. The gondola, gimbal system, and interchangeable cockpit modules are presently in various stages of assembly at ETC in Southampton, PA.
The ATFS-400 Model 31 features two interchangeable aircraft cockpit modules and one interchangeable research module to support high G training and research requirements. Cockpit modules feature a 210° X 120° field of view visual display system, a real world 3D visual database and a synchronized virtual battle space to support multi-aircraft operations. The ATFS-400-31 data acquisition system supports sustained G training and research in an operational environment as well as mishap investigation.
President and CEO of ETC, William F. Mitchell indicated “It is exciting to see these elements move into place as they become ready for their final assemblies. ETC has a proud tradition of providing high quality, high tech products to meet the training and research needs of our military.”

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