ETC’s Test and Simulation Systems Group Awarded Calorimeter Contract by a Compressor Manufacturer

SOUTHAMPTON, PA, USA, June 5, 2015 – The Test and Simulation Systems (“TSS”) Group ( of Environmental Tectonics Corporation (OTC Pink: ETCC) (“ETC” or the “Company”) ( announced today that it signed a contract with a leading residential reciprocating compressor manufacturer. This calorimeter will utilize high pressure/volatile refrigerants including R-32 (difluoromethane) and R-290 (propane). These refrigerants are currently being used in various countries around the world and will be entering the U.S. market within a few years.

The calorimeter will consist of a compressor chamber, chamber conditioning system, secondary refrigerant vessel, secondary refrigerant vessel chamber, support equipment, PLC controls, PC and data acquisition system.

A compressor calorimeter is used to measure thermal performance and energy efficiency of a refrigeration compressor. The calorimeter simulates various environmental and thermal loading conditions normally experienced during operation of a refrigeration compressor. Testing under simulated conditions allows the user to acquire compressor critical thermal performance data, in this case for compressors up to 75,000 BTU/hr in capacity.

We offer a facility that meets the standards of ASHRAE and ISO. The following standards are most applicable:

  • ASHRAE 23.1-2010 Methods of Testing for Rating the Performance of Positive Displacement Refrigerant Compressors and Condensing Units That Operate at Subcritical Temperatures
  • ASHRAE 41.1-2013 Standard Method of Temperature Measurement
  • ASHRAE 41.9-2011 Standard Calorimeter Test Method for Flow Measurement of Volatile Refrigerant
  • ISO 917 : 1989 Testing Of Refrigerant Compressors

“The award of this contract allows ETC to be among the first companies to provide test equipment for residential air conditioning system compressors using these refrigerants,” said Greg Raab, Business Unit Manager of ETC`s TSS Group. “The industry expectation is that these environmentally friendly and highly efficient systems will be commonplace in the U.S. within the next 5-10 years”.

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