“ETC is a melting pot where untapped talent meets tough challenges and is provided with the tools and freedom to creatively overcome them. This environment produces quality products, progressive ideas and cutting edge technologies.”

Alper Kus, VP Software Development / ATS Unit Manager


“Our innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness, along with passion to succeed in making each respective product line the best that it can be sets us apart from others. Collectively, each business unit has contributed by it’s uniqueness in making ETC what it is today.”

John Bucar, Sterilizer Product Specialist


“ETC – Where passionate, professional people meet face to face with the challenges and demand of tomorrow’s technologies; armed and empowered by our consistent focus of commitment and insistence of creative solutions; providing excellence in everything we do…everyday, in every way.”

Joan Roskow, Sterilizer Technical Publications and Documentations


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