Jessie Wu (Co-op Spring/Summer 2013)

Jessie Wu“My co-op at ETC was different than any other internship I’ve had in the past. I felt like an important member of the CVL and got to work on real projects that were actually used by the company. It wasn’t always easy– I was challenged at times to learn new software and skills– but that made completing the projects all the more rewarding. In addition to that, working here was genuinely enjoyable. Not only did I get to model and animate the equipment here, but I also had the opportunity to ride some of them, including simulators that launched me into space and had me plummet to my doom in a disoriented aircraft. I got to do other exciting things as well, like go on a photo shoot, make brownie s’mores and talk about cats. One of my favorite projects that I worked on was creating beauty renders of a hyperbaric chamber. Since it didn’t physically exist yet, I was given a lot of space to be creative with the theming and staging of the product. I would definitely recommend ETC to anyone who is looking for a unique and exciting co-op experience. ”

Brendan King (Co-op Spring/Summer 2012)

“ETC provides students with an excellent glimpse into the computer graphics industry, immersing them in a collaborative and creative environment where they can gain real world experience. I was able to work on various projects ranging from 3D animations and hard surface modeling to video editing. My position allowed me to work closely with a range of professionals, including mechanical engineers, graphic designers, marketing directors and industrial designers.
My work at ETC directly related to my field as a digital artist and enhanced my portfolio significantly. My favorite project was replicating ETC’s equipment into printable 3D models, which allowed me to learn the intricate process behind 3D printing and build a strong database of versatile 3D models. ETC offers a welcoming work environment and provides the tools for a well-rounded and educational experience.”

Girish Balakrishnan (Co-op Spring/Summer 2011)

“During my six-month co-op at ETC’s Creative Visualization Lab as a multimedia developer, my supervisors provided direction but gave me creative freedom, treating me like an integrated employee. Each task required aptitude with an array of software tools as well as ability to use equipment such as cameras, microphones and lighting.
The project that stood out as unique was the ‘Livestream Webinar’ project, which I headed from inception to presentation. My task was to develop an efficient method of delivering live media content from several sources onto an online portal. As project lead, I was responsible for the research and design.
I would recommend this position to anyone who is looking for a challenging internship and is willing to work hard for polished results.”

Joe Zeoli (Co-op Fall/Winter 2009)

“I wasn’t getting coffee or doing busy work during my co-op at ETC. I was involved in creating important materials by myself. My work involved a bit of everything, ranging from 3D animation to straight design work. I tested out skills I had learned in school and did more than I thought was possible at the start. I would recommend this job to anyone looking to get real world experience while creating great portfolio pieces.”

Zack Wilcox (Co-op Fall/Winter 2011)

“As a multimedia developer, I gained valuable experience in a busy working environment. I was provided with tools to capture and edit footage of ETC’s products and events. I also animated and rendered 3D engineering models, giving me the opportunity to work with people outside my field.
Under the supervision of experienced industry creatives, I worked both independently and cooperatively on a variety of projects, ranging from a corporate overview video that covered all of the company’s business units to product animations featured on the Web. My work was critiqued by my co-workers, so I had the chance to improve my projects.”

Bobby Speck (Co-op Spring/Summer 2011)

“Working as a software developer in ETC’s Creative Visual Lab, I had the opportunity to employ my own design sense. I developed  multitouch presentation software for use at ETC tradeshows and by sales representatives. It was awesome to work on a large-scale application and see it actually used by the company and spotlighted at events. I got to work as lead developer on multiple applications in an interesting work environment with interesting people.”

Ryan Reed (Co-op Fall/Winter 2011)

“I was really impressed and motivated by the variety of my tasks at ETC. I served as a photographer, videographer, programmer, interface designer, 3D modeler and texture artist. My tasks were unique, rewarding and challenging, and I was granted liberty to create things my own way. I learned new skills that helped me make interesting models and applications, including a Web-based 3D model viewer that is being used to display ETC’s products.”

Brian Gitlin (Co-op Spring/Summer 2012)

“Working here at ETC was easily the most fun I have ever had at a job. The relaxed working environment combined with friendly and easygoing co-workers made the six month co-op fly by.
I came up with projects that I pitched to my supervisor, and I was able to see them to completion totally on my own. I never had anyone looking over my shoulder, telling me how something should be done. Those opportunities set ETC apart from any job I’ve ever had.
I also got to try some of ETC’s equipment. I experienced 4Gs in NASTAR’s ATFS-400 Phoenix, did a non-motion flight simulation in a F-15 cockpit—the same cockpit that Air Force pilots use in their G training. I also tried gym equipment that is used to train pilot candidates, including the standing swing known as ‘The Loop.’ There is nowhere else in the world where I would be able to gain those awesome experiences.


Christine Adams (Co-op Spring/Summer 2010)

“My co-op challenged me to use my skills and knowledge to the fullest. My supervisors made me feel like I was part of the team and trusted me to complete projects on my own. It wanted an internship that would allow me to become integral part to everyday operations, and ETC offered just that.”

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