Ryan Reed created this Unity App for our Aircrew Training Group.

ETC has provided Drexel University students an opportunity to gain professional experience in multimedia, animation, marketing, and engineering for nearly a decade. This constant rotation of fresh faces and ideas is one way we keep our edge when it comes to the latest technologies, Web trends and creative strategies.
Our co-ops don’t fetch coffee—they jump headfirst into corporate culture. They learn how we run a fast-moving technology company with a hand in countless markets worldwide.
They leave with an impressive body of work to show off to future employers. Some standouts:

  • A Drexel graphic design student created the NASTAR Center logo, which appears on all items related to our world-renown facility. The first commercial space training facility approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, the NASTAR Center is the official trainer for passengers contracted with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, the private airline offering suborbital spaceflights.
  • A multimedia student revolutionized how the ETC communicates at tradeshows, creating a mobile application to display presentations on touch screens.
  • Another tech-savvy co-op introduced LIVESTREAM, a program for broadcasting live HD webinars.
  • Engineering co-ops help develop the newest ETC flight simulators and trainers, helping out on major ETC contracts.

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