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ETC's NASTAR Center Announces the Launch of New Air and Space Adventure Programs

Southampton, PA: January 16, 2008 - Environmental Tectonics Corporation's (AMEX:ETC) ("ETC" or the "Company") National Aerospace Training and Research Center (NASTARSM Center) announced today that it has launched its Air and Space Adventure Programs, a series of programs designed to provide realistic flight experiences for astronaut and fighter pilot enthusiasts alike. The NASTARSM Center is now offering 2-hour, half-day, full-day, and 2-day combo programs that simulate fast jet flights and space voyages.

NASTARSM Center is doing this with the same technology it uses to train military fighter pilots and Virgin Galactic space passengers. With these programs, the general public can come to the NASTARSM Center and find out what it is like to fly a high-performance jet or blast off into outer space. They can do this just for fun, or to enhance their knowledge and test their aptitude pulling G's for those interested in signing up for a real space launch or becoming a fighter pilot.

Glen King, COO of the NASTARSM Center, commented, "We are proud, and excited to bring these programs to the general public. Adventurers who have always wanted to fly a fast jet or launch into space can test their personal limits, and push the envelop of their aircraft or spacecraft in a safe environment. We provide each adventurer with the training and the tools to maximize their experience and successfully engage a bogie, or sustain the G's of re-entry from an Orbital flight."

The NASTARSM Center is providing this service on the world's only High Performance Human Centrifuge, which realistically replicates the flight dynamics of a high-performance jet, while providing a realistic cockpits and visual environments, and the actual sustained Gs one would experience while in flight. Gs are the variable force one feels while flying; one G equals the pull of Earth's gravity, and customers engaging the Air Adventure programs can experience up to 6 Gs, or 6 times the natural pull of the Earth.

For the Space Adventurer, customers can experience an authentic space launch profile, complete with the thrill of boosting into space, a visual overview of the Earth, and simulated weightlessness, and then the G forces of re-entry. As the official space-training provider for Virgin Galactic, the NASTARSM Center has trained many their customers already to properly prepare themselves for their actual space launch. The NASTARSM Center brings the same level of high-quality simulation to the launch experience, giving Air and Space Adventure Program customers a thrill they'll never forget.

The NASTARSM Center has several programs to choose from that accommodate different goals and desires. Customers can sign up individually, or in groups. For more information, and to view the Air and Space Adventures video, please visit

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